June 5th-9th

Camp Timber (Timber Trails, MA)

Aniwa Gathering is a non-profit event produced by The Boa Foundation bringing together 40 of the world's most respected indigenous leaders and elders to share their wisdom over 4 days of cultural exchange and sacred ceremonies near New York. Throughout the experience we will be encouraged to look back and learn the way of our ancestors, awakening an ever deeper connection within us and inviting all-inclusive solutions to help us thrive in unity and in harmony with the Earth.

A deeply transformative experience!

By sharing traditional knowledge and ancient rituals, indigenous elders will take us on a journey of deep communion with nature, interacting with the elements and exploring our inner landscape, remembering our roots.

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A celebration of life

Sacred ceremonies

Culture exchange


Ancient Rituals






Guest Indigenous Nations

Apache • Arhuaco • Ashaninka • Cheyenne •Dogon • Hopi • Huni Kuin • Kogui • Lakota • Lenape • Maori • Maya • Mayo Yoreme Mongolian • Paq'o Andino • Shipibo • Tubu • Wiwa • Wixarika Yanomami • Yawanawa


Lost for words really..... Feeling so very grateful for having been able to be part of such a powerful, love-filled and moving community led so honorably by oldest and wisest chiefs, who traveled across the world in order to share their deepest wisdom with us, in such a powerful, generous, patient and loving way... their majestically wise, humble spirits deeply inspired and humbled me, realizing how much more there is to learn. It totally exceeded my expectations!
— Isabelle V. Trapp
So many of us have all these fantasies of what we want to bring to the world and don’t have the courage to bring them to life. Thank you for this unforgettable experience. It was like setting a beacon of light in the center of an energetic vortex. It was indeed a life-changing experience for me and humanity.
— Catherine Bjorksten
The most magnificent spiritual event of my lifetime. Four days of total love and personal discovery... the elders and tribe Aniwa brought was life-changing. Me and everyone were blown away by the teachings, the indigenous dances, the prayers, meditations, the healings - and this appreciation was on full display with the love and spiritual awakenings everyone shared together. This was once in a lifetime. If the world had participated in this event, there would never again be a war, no hostility towards others, and the world would be at peace. This celebration of life increased our collective vibrations and provided us with the wherewithal to speak the ‘truth’, and for me personally, reset the course of my life in the pursuit of unconditional love. There are no words to describe the impact on me and the lives Aniwa has touched. No words at all. I will always carry with me the blessed memory of this gathering, and it will always define a part of who I am. I am enormously humbled to be lucky enough to have experienced it.
— Roger A. Silverstein
Thank you for the many blessings and rare opportunity to be part of this amazing foundation gathering of Indigenous Elders....It had to start somewhere and somehow and like a desert flower...Great Spirit poured water of Aroha (love) upon us all so that we may lean closer to Him and walk side by side....Much more can be expressed and shared....Arohanui and God Bless
— Louis Kereopa - Maori Elder

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