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Ride Or Die


Ride Or Die



This concept is inspired by classic and nostalgic friends in popular media.  "Buddies" from these different eras will be re-imagined through the eyes of the relationship between Margaret Cho & Ginger Minj.  Gender pairings will vary between the two stars as well as the angle of humor and tone.


"Modern Mayhem"

The video opens with a modern look. Ginger is side profile as the camera slowly pans around her. As the 1st verse is coming to a close, Ginger's alter ego emerges from her right side in a visual split personality.

The look & feel of these scenes are Contemporary....Sharp & Clean HD Video.


Margaret enters and kidnaps the Feminine side of Ginger...Fun Ensues!!!

A Merry-Go-Round of Nostalgic & Iconic Buddy Duos take over 

"80's & 90's"

We dive right into the 80's & 90's where a host a fun scenarios start popping up. "Pretty & Pink" & "Thelma & Louise" help set the tone for where we can go. Partners in Crime or Lovers in Limbo, we just aren't sure???

Capitalizing on their new found friendship, we take off on a wild ride!!!

A Nostalgic video treatment with VHS FX will weave through these scenes :)

"Bonnie & Clyde"

Referencing this harrowing duo throughout the lyrical content, Ginger & Margaret put their own Gender twist on the Classic Couple.

Taking us back to the Golden Age of Cinema, retro film looks will be incorporated. 


"Bert & Ernie"

Bert & Ernie have been under fire for years on whether or not they are Homosexual or Heterosexual. Well, we are not sure what we are seeing here.


All we know is that that they are in the tub with Ernie's iconic BUDDY...........


"Wake Up"

Ginger & Margaret wake up at the same time laughing. They begin to realize that they just had the EXACT same dream. Their faces drop and a life-sized, Rubber Ducky Dildo pushes up between them. As the camera pulls away we see bits and pieces of clothing from their characters ALL over the room!!!

StyleFrame3 copy.jpg