VISUALIZER Style frames

All the ideas on this thread can be reimagined in any way we can think of

Videos such as these have endless possibilities :)

00_cc_black hole_001.png

As the music comes in we see an abstract circle forming

01_cc_bouncing balls_003.png

On the Lyric, "Something must’ve gone wrong in my brain" the 3D Circles Form and start to dance

One Option to Incorporate Camila's likeness is to introduce Line Art versions of her that float in space

These images can draw on, fade in, or materialize in any fashion

03_cc_bouncing balls_004.png

As the song builds the 3D Circles build on and continue to slowly multiply

04_xp_cc_DOF test_005.png

Before the chorus as the music begins to break down, the 3D circles begin to disband and morph into Plexus Forms

07_xp_cc_DOF test_001.jpg

Another Option of incorporating Camila's Likeness by integrating her real life images with Line Art renditions of her


Adding her real life images in the background is another option


Bringing the Line Art more to the forefront is an option if we want it to be the hero during specific moments

Moving into the chorus the wireframes slowly dissolve and spiral threads burst on in time with the downbeat

xp_cc_st attractor_005.jpg

Another look of merging Real Life imagery with Line Art

xp_cc_st attractor_006.png

Graphics build as we hit high points of the Song

This is a TEST clip to see options of how things can build on. Timing is NOT a factor in this clip.

It is merely a TEST render so that we can how these elements may look in action

We envision these elements building on much slower but for the test we kept render times quick

Options are truly endless on where this can be taken...Keep this in mind as you review the Style Frames

Thanks for your time!

Blend Studios