The song talks about a journey. Journey we all can relate to. 

The video will have a cinematic feel following around each band member walking through Los Angeles with different scenes around them. Ex: Coast. City. Suburbia. Silverlake. Downtown. 

Cinematic look mixed with 2.5D animation and a kick of sfx that will kick this video into the beats of the song. Drone shots following the members and flying above high to coming down to the next journey with a different band member. Shots of kick drum or bass (lyric video reference) in different frames.  Keeping it cohesive with the swipe of frame work / split screens of different members marching to the same beat walking singing... having their own experiences while walking through their lives -

All meeting up in a empty parking lot or dive bar / sweaty high energy in Silverlake - feels like a home grown journey coming to the level  of “fixing this life” with passion. 


We can keep it raw and make it beautiful like the music. Raw. Real. Energy. With a kick of production. 

We can approach it with the Lo-fi feel of the lyric music video with a kick of Fx and production. We can go with other people singing on the street mixed with the band. Added with sfx - some animation - swiping of frames like the lyric video - keep it simple. You guys love that Modest Mouse video - I always love that video. It's a great example of what we could do with animation to bring images of the band performing live in an interesting way. We can keep it Lo-Fi like the lyric video and throw in animation strategically through the video. Keeping it smart and blowing minds.


I also have a lot of ideas for additional locations and alternate parts of Los Angles to create a character out of the city itself.


We made a quick something to show you guys what we can do with editing. It’s beyond super lo-fi and done very quickly to just show you guys something fast.

We are pumped!!!

Video Examples

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