Hello Everyone,

The shoot with Gavin & Ruben @ Lurssen Mastering Studios went really well last week. They struggled a little with getting a format down, but we hit on all the main points discussed. I sifted through all the footage and cut out all the undesirable moments. Here's a gallery to see some of the angles from the shoot & a visual outline of the video.


The Mastering Console

Mastering in the Studio:  Plug-in

Mastering in the car:  App

Wrapping Up

I have uploaded a 30 Minute Video to our Video Review page. We can all take a look at the selects, pick out the moments we want to utilize and leave comments to help make sure we are all on the same page and moving in the right direction.


I'll assume that you will be picking out most of the footage we want to use. When using the review software, click on the screen and leave a comment. The Review Software will leave your note at the current timecode.


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We have a great video here!!! We decided not to film with music so that we had more flexibility in post. We have a few music options on the table, so let's finalize music as soon as we can. Let me know if there are any questions. 

Thanks Everyone