A transformative week of connection, healing, ancient rituals and spiritual integration at some of Guatemala’s most sacred sites

Led by: Tata pedro, Nana Marina Cruz & Mayan Elders

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Tata Pedro Cruz is one of the last authentic Mayan TZ’UTUJIL Elders of San Pedro La Laguna,

a region that surrounds the famous Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. He is an acclaimed spiritual figure and an

international ambassador of world peace. His teachings include Mayan culture, cosmology, the sacred

calendars, and the ancient oral wisdom of the Maya.  Tata Pedro is one of the founders of the

Unification of Ancestral Wisdom festival in Tikal, Guatemala. These festivals have brought together the 

fragmented Mayan descended tribes throughout Guatemala to promote the oral traditions, rituals and culture

of the ancient Mayans and to share this wisdom with the world. Tata Pedro recognizes the interconnectedness

of all people, the expanding consciousness of the planet, and the urgent need to unify our spiritual,

cultural and ethnic wisdom for the benefit of the planet and humanity. He is known for his phrase,

“No matter what happens, everything with love!"


Mayan healer from the Tz'utujil tribe. A gifted spiritual guide of ancient traditions. Ceremonial leader of : Fire, cacao, tobacco, and mayan sweatlodge ceremonies. Native mayan languages teacher.  Therapist with natural folk methods. One of the founders of the great council of the indigenous authorities of Guatemala Daughter of Tata Pedro cruz.

Accompanied by 5 other elder Wisdom Keepers :

Nana Rosalia Zavala

Nana Reina Zavala

Tata Mariano De Leon

Tata Marcelo Vicente

Tata Juan Ismael Ixcol



28th Arrival in Flores airport.

First connection - the ancestral city, the cosmogonic world of mistery of Tikal

December 29 – Energy of the day 6.Kawoq

Female strength, day of mother earth, community, the fabric of peoples,

countries and continents of the world, the strength of the unity and representation of cacao.

- Ceremony for the healing of our relations with the maternal energy and

Pachamama (Mother Earth) Cacao ceremony in Yaxja.


December 30 - Energy of the day 7 Ajpu

Day of the masculine force, day of the hunter, of the blowgun, the cosmic fortune-teller, day

of the tobacco

- Tobacco ceremony, individual tobacco readings and diagnosis to each participant in Tikal


December 31 – Energy of the day 8 Imox

Day of  intelligence, hope, symbol of the hidden forces in the universe

Trip to the lake Atitlan

- Thank you ceremony for the Gregorian year at the home of Tata Pedro Cruz and

Marina Cruz

- Wixarika Medicine Ceremony


January 1 - Energy of the day 9 iiq

IQ’symbol of the commemoration of the completion of the world. The day of the heart of heaven, heart of the earth, the spiritual mystical breath, vital principle, inspiration, ideas and actions. Day of the altars, of the air, sacred breath that gives strength and fills with life.  (tata pedro arms wide open)

- Temazcal, massages and other types of treatments


January 2 - Energy of the day 10 Aqabal

Aq’ab’al symbolizes the two polarities of light energy: light and darkness, the renewing force, an auspicious day to ask for the dawn of days of peace and harmony for our peoples, to ask for light on the way and for hidden things to be discovered, for new opportunities to renew life, stability, for a good job.

- Visit to the sacred place window of the world, place of manifestation of wishes.


January 3 - Energy of the day 11 Kat

The day of the sacred fire, day of petition for physical, spiritual and emotional release.

- Fire ceremony and temezcal


January 4 - Energy of the day Kan

The Quetzal Coatl, Kukulkan, scriptures about creation, the internal fire, vitality. telluric energy of Mother Earth means feathered serpent, creator, movement and sharper of the universe. Human evolution, day to ask for justice, wisdom, strength, equality.

- Ceremony at the sacred place of the feathered serpent


January 5 Energy of the day 13 Keme

The day of the dead, transformation, rebirth, serenity, joy, forgiveness, communication of the dead with the living. Day to ask for knowledge and the great wisdom of our elders

- Ceremony to the ancestors


Return to Guatemala City in the evening


January 6th departure from Guatemala City Airport

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