GEHC Software Introduction Video


We would take a conversational approach to discussing this new Software Project. Interview style conversations with the development team, the techs that use similar software & the head of the division would tell the story. Focusing on 3 overall points; The need for it in the market, how it was developed and how the end user feels about the shift within the paradigm will round out the narrative on what this new software is, how it’s different & how will it help the end user. Filming short set ups with each interviewee will tell the visual story. Whether we are looking at the software on-screen, showing it’s development (from initial stages to end product) or witnessing this new product in action, all questions will be answered.

The look of the video will be well established 2-3 camera interviews with Photojournalistic style b-roll. All content will be Interview driven with with the people who create & use the software. We keep all footage cool toned, with a medical feel and warming up on moments that need a special touch. Adding special effects such as, software screens merged with live action scenes and/or implementing specific features graphically to guide the viewer through a futuristic feel for the product being introduced.

*(More creative direction will be given as we learn more about the product and what it will be used for)

Questions we want answered for our viewers:
What is it? How was it created? Who uses it? & Why is it more efficient?

Our Work


Production Costs:




-1st AC




-Grip Truck

-Camera Gear




-Motion Graphics



Total Budget: $20,000